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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Art Splat Mat

This is not a project more of an idea/time saver. We do a lot of paint projects in our house and I got tired of always putting down newspaper before we painted not to mention that newspaper never stayed put too well and paint soaked through it.
I happened across a free piece of poster board that had a smudge of paint on it and knew that this was our new official "Art Splat Mat". We keep it in a cabinet in our kitchen. When we are going to paint, or use large amounts of glue I take it out and put it on the table and we are ready to go without searching for or messing with newspaper. We can let projects dry on it and have never had a problem with paint soaking through. My son even enjoys just adding some of the leftover paint to it just for fun. Saves time, reusable, a must have at our house with three little ones.
Isn't it beautiful??? I may have to frame it and hang it someday!

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