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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Watermelon Baby Buggy

I hosted a friends baby shower. This was a fun project that everyone loved at the party. If you are serving fruit anyway then go for it!


What you need:
One Watermelon
Tooth picks
Orange circles
A piece of sturdy wire
Pony beads
Other fruit of choice to fill.

Cut water mellon length wise. Not down the middle but just above the middle. You want the bottom to be a bit bigger to hold the fruit salad.
Cut the smaller of the two pieces in half. Cut the watermelon in squares but do not cut the rhine.

Use a metal serving spoon to scoop out the squares of melon and save them for your fruit salad. Once most of it is removed, scrape out the rest of the melon out of the rhine so that it is empty. I saved this and made a watermelon drink out of it later.

Take tooth picks and stick them in the edge of the rhine on one side of the mellon. stick the top on the toothpicks to hold it in place.

Make a handle for your buggy by stringing pony beads on the wire and insert the wire into the melon.

Use orange circles for wheels and attach them with toothpics also. Stick a grape on the end of the toothpick to cover it.

Fill with fruit salad of choice. Enjoy!

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