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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fish Cake


There are a lot of tropical fish themed cakes out there but not too many Lake Fish, or Fishing cakes. Since my son was having a fishing birthday party for his 3rd birthday I had to think hard. I like cakes where there is not a lot of waste involved. Sure a cake mix is only 99 cents on sale but that doesn't mean that it is ok to cut most of it off and just toss away. So that was why I was excited when I discovered this idea.

What you need: One box cake mix of choice
Two round cake pans
Two containers frosting
Food Coloring
Colored paper, we used yellow and green.
Chocolate chips
Black gel icing
Gummy worms

How: Bake two round cakes. Let them cool to room temp. Cut them in half and stand them on cut edge with flat bottom edges together. Frost bottom with yellow and top with green frosting. Use chocolate chip for eyes. Make fins out of paper and attach to toothpicks so that you can insert them into the cake where needed. Use gel icing to make the fish's mouth.
This will make two fish. You can put gummy worms in front of the fish so it looks like they are swimming after the worm.



The party was a sucess in more than one way!

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