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Friday, April 30, 2010

Glass Tile Necklaces


I did this project with my MOPS group this year and it was a big hit. It is not difficult to do and doesn't take much time. My necklace says "Mother" in Korean writing called Hangul. You could put anything on them you want. Photos, scrapbook paper, or even graphics you can buy pre-made. They make a great gift or a great addition to you own jewelry collection.

What you need:
7/8" glass tile
Bottle of diamond glaze (a little bit goes a long way)
Medium bails (I used silver)
(for the three items above I like using this ebay seller.)
Chord or chain or ribbon of your choice. (The one pictured I got in bulk off of an ebay seller in China but not all sent, fit in the medium bail so caused some trouble.)
Scrapbook paper, photo, or pre-made graphics
7/8" craft punch
Card stock

If you want to make one like mine with words you can create a word file and print your message off on scrapbook paper.
Use the 7/8" craft punch to punch out your design of choice, photo, graphic, scrapbook paper, etc.
At this time also punch out another 7/8" square out of card stock.
Take your 7/8" tile and using the Q-tip spread a good amount of diamond glaze on the textured side of your tile. (some tiles have textured side to help graphics's stick, some do not) Once you have your glaze covering the textured side of your tile place your graphic good side down onto the glaze on the tile. Cover graphic with another layer of glaze so that the whole graphic/scrapbook paper/photo is covered with the glaze including the edges of the graphic/scrapbook paper/photo so that it is sealed. Then place the card stock square onto the wet glaze and again cover that with glaze including all edges so that it is sealed.
Using the diamond glaze as glue, or you can use another jewelry adhesive if you wish, attach the bail to the backside of your necklace like this.

Let it dry for about 20 minutes. Then string your chord chain or ribbon through your bail and you are ready to wear.


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