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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Refashioning "first try".. Maroon Bow Dress

Refashioning is taking an unused or old piece of clothing and creating something new out of it. This was my first go at refashioning. I got inspired by a blog called MADE
I wondered if I could do these amazing things myself. Of couse I love a challenge and got started right away. I grabbed a shirt out of my rummage pile that I knew would work perfect for my first try.


It was too short on me, and I had gotten it at a thift store in the first place. It had a cute pattern of little bows on it, very appropriate for a little girl's dress so I decided to go for it, and turned it into this.


Not bad for my first try. I made some mistakes and learned some lessons. One lesson I learned was to fit it on before I cut. I ended up getting it a bit too small and could have fixed it if I hadn't cut the extra fabric off already. She liked it, and honestly if nothing else she has some new PJ's for summer.

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