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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

DIY Bike Streamers


When my girl got her bike we got a green one. Not only was green her favorite color at the time, but also we knew we would be able to easily pass it down to her little brother because it was not a "girl's bike". Yet I wanted it to be a little bit girlish for my girl, so we decided to look for some bike streamers. Well... I couldn't believe the prices they wanted for these plastic pom poms. It was hard to find any under $5 and I thought to myself.. I bet I can make these.
So I searched the Internet to see if anyone had done it before and sure enough I found a tutorial which of course I cannot find today for the life of me, but that is ok, because I know how to do it now. Like riding a bike I guess.. You never forget how.

What you need:
Two drinking straws
Two rubber bands
Plastic bag of choice.

Cut your bag into long strips.
Lay the strips together in a pile and find the middle.


Fold a straw around the middle of the bag strips so that they are pinched at the v part of the straw.
Secure the straw around the strips with a rubber band.


Insert straw ends into the hole in the end of handle bar grips. I was able to get the rubber band in the grip hole as well so it was very secure. Trim to whatever lenghth you like. Then you are ready to ride off into the sunset.


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