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Friday, April 30, 2010

Birthday Cupcake Picks


When my son turned one I decided to make our own cupcakes because lets face it a box cake mix for 99 cents costs way less than 24 cupcakes from the bakery.
But I wanted something special to put on them to help remember my sons special day. So I started looking for cupcake picks. You know the toothpick type things with something fun on the top that you stick in the middle of a cupcake.
I never found exactly what I was looking for, nothing was quite what I was looking for not to mention what people were charging for these things. I even looked on ebay!

This is when I decided to make my own. I had already decorated cupcake/fruit stands, and made a banner out of scrapbook paper for my son's birthday so why not make my own cupcake picks out of the scrapbook paper as well.

Photobucket Photobucket

What you need:
2 different sized circle scrapbook punches (optional because you could trace and cut your own circles by hand but it takes a bit more time, my examples are done this way but I have done them with the punches and they are much faster.)
Glue stick or glue of choice
Tooth picks
Scrapbook paper
Printer (optional because you could do something by hand like the number one my example.)

Make a word document with the message of choice you want on the picks in a small font, copy and paste the message multiple times and space out. Cut down the scrapbook paper so that is 8 1/2" by 11" so that it fits in the printer. Print out your words onto the scrapbook paper. Use your smaller circle punch and punch out your message.
With your larger circle punch punch out larger circles on a contrasting scrapbook paper. Sandwich one end of the toothpick between the two circles using the glue stick to hold the circles together. Let them dry then insert the toothpick end into your cupcakes!


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