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Friday, April 23, 2010

Girls Tie Strap Dress from Halter Top

I was out thrift shopping one day, which those who know me know that that is a regular occurance, and came across this halter top. It spoke to me.. Honestly..


It said "Save me from being this somewhat reaveiling article of women's clothing, and turn me into something beautiful!" And here is how I did it.


See this ring of fabric located in the gathered clevage area of this top? I cut off. It was the only thing keeping the fabric in that area gathered. So I spread it out flat. I also kept the long piece of strap that was origionally for tieing the shirt around the neck of the person wearing it. I will get to that later.

The next step was to turn the now flat tube like shirt inside out. Placeing it on my daughter I gathered the extra fabric on both sides and pinned it in place until it fit to her size. Then I took it off her and sewed along the pin line. Then I kept going out at an angle until I met with the side seam on the skirt.

Now learning from last time I turned it back right side out and fit it on my daughter to insure it was a good size, before I trimmed off the extra fabric on the inside.

Then all that was left were the straps. I decided to go with tie shoulder straps for a few reasons. The biggest reason is with tie straps you don't have to measure the correct strap length, because you can tie them shorter or longer as you need. I took the long tie and cut it into four pieces. I took one end of each peice and tied a knot to keep it from freying. Then I placed the flat end of each strap into the dress while my daughter was wearing it so I knew they would be in the right place. Then I stiched them on and it was done!

I think much improved from the halter top! I was very impressed myself!


My daughter LOVES it!


Twirls great too!


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