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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Balloon Towers


Have you ever made your own balloon towers?? Well I have...
We wanted some towers for our Son's first birthday party so we decided to make them ourselves instead of paying extra for a party place to do them. Here is how.

What you need: for one tower.
28 Mylar balloons per 4 foot tower.
One Mylar baloon.
4 feet PVC per tower.Ours came in an 8 foot length.
one 10"*10"*1" square piece of wood.
Adhesive of choice. (we didn't use any on ours, see below)

Cut a square piece of wood for your base and drill a hole in the middle that matches the diameter of a small PVC rod. Our rods were 4 feet tall and our wooden base was about 10"*10". You can attach your PVC to the wood base by putting some adhesive in the hole but ours was a tight fit and held nicely without any.


Blow up your balloons. Try your best to get them the same size the for the whole tower. You can make a guide out of cardboard but we just estimated. We also used our air compressor to inflate our balloons.

Take two balloons and instead of tying a knot in each balloon, take the ends of the balloons and tie them togther with a square knot. (same as the beginning of tying your shoe but twice) They will look like this.


Next starting at the bottom wrap the balloons around the PVC trying to get the knot as low on the PVC as possible. Once it is wrapped twist the balloons around eatchother once to secure them.

One side will look like this.

The other side will look like this.

Keep working your way up the PVC always trying your best to pull the knots down so that they are as low on the PVC as possible.


For the top of ours we taped on a Mylar balloon. Doesn't need to be helium filled so we just used a small straw to stick in the valve and blew it up ourselves. You can deflate milar balloons the same way and save them for another time too!

Here was our first time finished product. With this project HUGE Balloons are not better. If the balloons are a little bit smaller they have more to work with when you wrap them around the pipe.


We did ours the night before the birthday party which was around the noon hour. This worked great for us to have them done and out of the way with all the other things we had to get ready.

For my other son this year we are doing a giant mylar fish balloon on to for his fishing party, and for my Daughter we may make one with a mylar flower balloon on top for her fairy theme party. They are in a few weeks so I will post pics of the final products after the bash.

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