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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Addition and Subtraction Practice 1-10 Using a Deck of Cards

My girly is home today.. with pinkeye. Doesn't she look horrible. Poor thing.

She is on eye drops and will go back to school tomorrow I just didn't want her to have to mess with eye gunk at school today. Little ones are not as conscious of where their fingers go.
 I decided to let her stay home today although the school said she could go. I figured a good 24 hours on the eye drops would be the best route.

Just because she is home, doesn't mean she is sick. She is fine so she is capable of practicing her school work. This means I get to be a homeschool mom for the day!

Her teacher replied to my email and said to practice addition and subtraction with numbers 1-10.

How will I make that fun?

We created a little card game.

We put all the number cards A-10 in one stack. We put all the face cards Q K J and Joker in another.

Here is the "Key" she made, I let her choose what each face card represented.

K= (-) 
Q= (+)
J= (Ask her 2 year old brother Jack if she should use plus or minus.)
Joker= (Ask her 4 year old brother if she should use plus or minus.)

Yes we need to work on writing our "J"s today too. :)

So then she drew a number card, then a face card, then a second number card. Just for the ease of subtraction I told her she had to always put the larger number first.

This became her equation

Her brothers are getting a HUGE kick out of their job in the game. It is keeping them from grabbing the cards because they have a job to do.

She needed to do some writing today too, so for that I had her write the directions for the game so she can show her teacher what she did for math and writing.

Happy Learning!

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