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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween Window #2 Spider Webs and Bats

Well we did our first window, as a Jack-0-Lantern Window then had so much fun the kids wanted to do a second window.

My daughter made a spider.

I made the web just by drawing a giant web on a piece of black poster board we had leftover from a science project. The green is a plastic table cloth from my daughter's birthday party. Yes I save everything!

Next we taped all of our shapes to the window glass and then hung the green plastic table cloth over the whole window.

Here is how it looked from the back. I just happen to have a lamp right there. I just turn one light bulb on to light it from behind uses less energy than the two in the room's light fixture and is plenty to light the window.

Again I need some tips on night photos, but here are both windows together.

Should we do some more? What color next? What image? humm...
We have one more window that is easy to reach.

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