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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thankful Burlap Pennant Banner

The time had come to replace my old paper Thankful Banner. It had seen a few years use and since it was made of paper it was showing some wear. I was excited to see this idea for a banner that I knew will last years longer than the paper one.

First I needed some burlap. I am not one for buying new, I like to upcycle and reuse so I didn't even bother searching for burlap in a fabric store. I am not even sure if you can find it there to be honest. I lucked out and came across this for $1.

It is for potato sack racing I am guessing. There was only one so it would make for a pretty boring race. It did have frogs on the front. But the back was free from any printing. Just the exact amount I needed.

I cut them out and backed them with some muslin fabric I had. I want them to last a while and not fray. Then I did some freezer paper printing to make my letters.

I printed out a font I liked, traced it on freezer paper, cut out the letters using a blade and cutting board. Then I ironed on the freezer paper letter stencils I made, applied the fabric paint, let dry, then peeled off the freezer paper.

Next I use a large needle and some brown string to string the pennants together.

Then all that was left was to hang it up.

Now to fix and update that ugly brass on the gass fireplace...
but that is a post for another day.

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