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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Practice Those Spelling Words (Three Ideas)

Dinner Time Window Word Quiz
Now that I have a first grader we get to study spelling words during the week for tests on Fridays.
I will show you three fun ways we practice at home.

One fun way I learned how to study spelling words came from my friends family. I remember they had a wipe off board in their dinning room on which their spelling lists were written for the week and their mom would be able to see the board, which was behind the kids, to read the word lists in order to quiz them. 
I however didn't have any available wall space for a marker board in the dinning room. Nor did I want a marker board up in the dining room as wall art. So... I used the next best thing.
The window...
Now I can see the words at the table, but my daughter can not without turning her head.

We tried it out with just wipe off markers but they didn't show up enough...
But these Crayola Window Markers work great!
You have to use water to wash it off, but we only have to do that once a week and it keeps little brother fingers from erasing the list as well.
Let the dinnertime "Quiz Bowl" begin!

Duplo Spelling Blocks

We have a pretty large collection of Duplo blocks thanks to a nice garage sale hit. So my 2 year old can part with enough for his big sister and brother to use for spelling.
I had seen them made with address labels for the stickers.
I couldn't find my blank address labels even though I have a whole pack in this house someplace.
But... I did have some sticky back craft foam I rescued from the landfill last week at a kids craft event. I actually think I like the puffy texture of my letter blocks better than the flat original.


Writting on the Wall.
We have a large wipe off board, but it was not located in a common area of our home. When I saw this reposable adhesive poster that doesn't hurt walls, and also had nice handwriting lines on it at Walmart on clearance for $5, I knew I wanted one. Now it is right in the kitchen area and I can give her her words to write while I am doing food prep or clean up from dinner. Writing the word is in many cases harder than spelling it out loud. I even give her sentences to write using the spelling words on this board. Erasing is much easier on a wipe off board than in a notebook, plus we are saving paper, and using fun colored wipe off markers is way more fun than a pencil and paper.

Any other fun ways you practice spelling words?
I would love to know more to keep things new and interesting.

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