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Friday, October 7, 2011

Merrell Tetra Strap Boots Review

New Boots!
Merrell Tetra Strap

I know I have never done a post like this before, but my friend Erin over at Home With the Boys is doing "31 Days of All Things Women" this month.
She knew I was boot shopping and asked to see.
What beter way to show than to share!
Those of you who know me, I hardly ever get "new" things, if you haven't noticed I am bit of a thrift shopper.
Every once in a while, I do have a hard time finding exactly what I want, and when that happens I can buy new, because I have saved so much buying thrift on everything else.

When I buy new, I have a list of criteria.
1. I have to like them enough or be able to use them for more than one year, so they can't be something that easily will go out of style, and if they do, tough I will still have to wear them.
2. They have to quality so that they can last for YEARS.  I have bought two pairs of NEW brown winter shoes since I have been married. May is our 10 year anniversary. Yes so each pair I used for around 4.5 years.
3. They have to be comfortable. I mean, if I spend all that money and then not wear them because they give me shin splints or blisters, I will be so upset.

So when I found myself boot shopping this year it gave me a little anxiety. I had a long list of things I wanted. I did end up with a bit of trial and error to get to this list, two pairs bought and returned to the store, and a desperate email to a Sioux Falls Style Expert but finally came up with my must have features.

Light brown: I have to be able to wear them with black, or brown. Lighter shades you can do that.
No/no heal: I am tall enough already and I don't need shin splints and tendon problems from switching from a heel to an athletic shoe. Yes that happens.
Can wear in snow, waterproof: I live in a snow region, not a snow dusting region, we are talking 10 inches of snow, snow region. Fancy pretty boots don't always cut it.
Non Skid Sole: There is no way I can chase a 2 year old around on ice with slick hard soled boots.
Nice enough to wear to Church with a knit dress: Well for me to wear to church anyway my standards might be different than others.
Correct Calf Size: Able to put skinny jeans inside the boot top and able to wear other jeans outside. the boot. I have soccer player calves.
COMFY: Something that feels nice enough that you are not in a rush to get them off when you walk in the door because your feet are tired. 

Well I shopped the entire mall here and found nothing that fit my list.

I started my online search and came up with a few options.
On my list there was only one boot I could even locate in my city, which I find to be pretty ridiculous.
Hello people in this city wear boots too!!!

Here was my list:

Still have not had the chance to try them on which I will when I have that chance, but it was a little more than I wanted to spend.

I had no opportunity to try this one on either. I liked everything about it but couldn't bring myself to want the fluffy lambs wool looking lining, mainly because my calves are big enough already.
I was also worried about them even being able to fit my calf after reading the reviews.

They looked close to what I wanted but then again a bit too on the snow boot looking side.

and last on the list the winner.....

These were what I ended up with and with a coupon from a friend I was able to get a good deal.
I had never ordered shoes online before but I was desperate.
It was not as bad as I thought it would be, but I had to do my research. 
Upon reading the reviews some said these were huge in the calf, and actually some said they were too small so I figured they would be great for me which they were.

I really suggest you watch the video that zappos has on the Merrels It does a nice job explaining all the nice extras it has.

I liked how it looked more narrow at the ankle, I do have larger calves but my ankles are not large and when I tried on boots at the mall when I found one to fit my calf, my heel would slip because the ankle was so large on them.

I like the straps around the ankles as well. It makes it look more like a fashion boot than a snow boot.

If I could change 3 things about this boot they would be.
1. I wish it was a shiny leather instead of a suede that shows even if I rub my hand on it. We will have to see how this holds up to weather, but I assume that since they are waterproof that they have accounted for that somewhat.
2. I wish it had a top mid seem in a way so that it looks a little more exciting when most of the boot is covered with jeans.
3. If I have to choose a third, maybe have an option where they can automatically change to a darker color when you want them to be. But... Since that is imaginary I guess I will have to live with a book that only stays one color.

I realized that you have to let one or two things go in order to find something that fits most of your list. You can search forever and not find the "Perfect" boot. 
But these come pertty close for me.


  1. Thanks for reviewing these! I've been thinking about buying them and they look way cuter on you than they do in the pictures at Amazon. I think I'm going to try them out! Did they run true to size?

  2. I was just looking at these boots and I'm glad to find someone who did a review on them! Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the review. I just bought a pair and I love them but I am wavering about exchanging the black for the brown after seeing how nice the brown ones look on. Merrell's are a little expensive but I have found that their shoes last 3x as long as any other brand. Congrats, they look great on you. :)

  4. Thank you so much for providing pictures of these! I just bought them, I couldn't have made the decision so easily without your review!