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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Flynn Rider Costume

Had a friend request a costume.

She was lucky it was a fun costume to make because I said yes to
Flynn Rider!

But the rest of you, I am sorry to say, I am done with costumes for this year.

It really helped that our boys are the same size too.

I told her what she needed to find.

Khaki Dress Pants
Girls Brown Boots
White/Cream long sleeved Shirt
Frying Pan
All the items above can be used at other times they are just regular clothes, and she does have a girl who can grow into the boots in a year or two.
She could buy new, or some nice thrift finds would be what I would do.
She will also need a Brown Belt.
 (you can use an old adult belt and cut it shorter)

Now, I can't send all that in the mail, well I could, but it would not be too practical, nor do I have the time to shop for her.


I did promise to make the signature item. The hardest item to find.

And I will toss in the satchel (man purse thingy) too because it is easy and I already have the vinyl to make it with. More about that later.

I found some nice fabric on clearance for $4 a yard.
A yard is all I needed.

I just made a simple vest. Added stitched details on the front, and some extra angled pieces of fabric on the breast line.

Two simple Velcro closures did the trick to keep it closed. If I had time, I would have looked for some fancy clips for added detail, but I was trying to keep this item as inexpensive as possible since she will have to thrift shop for the rest of the items she needs.

Now that left me to the shoulders.. I wasn't sure how I was going to do them. I was worried that they would flop and not look right. Then I literally looked down on the floor of my sewing room and saw this.

Two pads I had just cut out of a blazer a few weeks ago.

I cut two semi circles put right sides together put the shoulder pad on them stitched all of them together, turned it and top stitched. Then all that was left to do was put them into place. I was so excited!

As for the pouch, I borrowed my daughter's from her Lucy Costume for this photo shoot, But plan on making one using this
which includes a printable pattern.

Now putting it all together, with the stuff I had laying around.

Frying pans are the latest in weapon technology.

I have the treasure!

And we must not forget the smolder!

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  1. OMG I love it. Would you be willing to make this outfit again? I so need one for the little boy my daughter just asked to be her Flynn Ryder for her bday in October :) Please let me know if you would be interested and if so what measurements you would need and I so would love to know where they found the boots? Thanks a million. You can email me directly at : tracy.soko@yahoo.com

  2. Are you making this costume to sell? I have twins and would love my boy to be Flynn Rider and my daughter to be Rapunzel/Tangled. Your boy is precious

    1. Pleaseemail me at boopster716@comcast.net