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Monday, October 3, 2011

Halloween Scrappy Tutu

I saw a scrappy skirt on Pinterest and wanted to try it out. I had fabric in Halloween Colors and I knew with the construction of the skirt it wouldn't hold up long unless you use frey check on all the cuts, which for me is just too time consuming. I think in general the younger the child the more cute the skirt turns out. I just love the idea of this over a diaper bottom/onsie. Alas my kiddo is past that stage.

See these scrappy skirts for toddlers on Etsy.

Maybe if I had cut the strips a tad thicker it would have more of the same look proportion wise. I also like the angled bottom of Etsy strips which I can go back and trim later if I want. I think ours had a bit of room left for more strips as well. But I was a bit short on fabric for another round of the pattern.

 My daughter thought it was a fun project. She was able to make the skirt herself. I gave her a strip of elastic that we tied to fit around her waist. Then I cut strips of fabric. She was able to tie the strips around the middle onto the elastic with a single single knot.

It is a skirt that she obviously has to wear shorts under. She did.

She was so excited about her creation this is what she decided to wear to school today, on October 3rd. I tried to talk her out of it a bit, but she had already made up her mind.

Happy October Everyone!

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