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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fish Bone Pony Tail Flip

I have been finding a lot of new hair inspiration for my daughter on Pinterest.
It lead me to this website. This lady is crazy about doing her girls hair.
There are somedays I think this child can sneak out the door without a brush even touching her hair.
That would be her choice most days.
But I have more time on the days I don't need to pack her a lunch and today was one of those days.

This is what I came up with.

It is similar to one of the other blog's styles, but instead of a three piece braid or two piece braid I did a fish tail or herring bone braid instead. She was pretty excited when I was done.

I pulled the front top section into a ponytail on the side of the section. Then I flipped it, topsy tail style, then I did a herring bone braid and secured it with an elastic.
Next I pulled the rest back into a ponytail, added the herring bone braid, and did a half flip, where you don't pull all the hair through on the last twist of the pony holder.

I have no problems doing her hair, it is easy for me to braid and such.
She also easily lets me do it while she is sitting and eating breakfast.
 It is just sometimes hard to think of something different to do, that I know will look good.
It if frustrating for both parties if I spend lots of time on it, then end up taking it out because it didn't work, or looked funny.
So I am glad to have the inspiration from others.

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