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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Jack-o-lanterns 2011

It's that time of year again!!!
Always fun to see what others choose to carve their pumpkins.

This year my two oldest went to the pumpkin patch with school so they carved what they brought home.
They are a bit smaller than we usually get, but we paid much more for them, go figure. :)
We finally bought my youngest his pumpkin today. Good old Campbell Supply had their pumpkins 50% off and theirs were the cheapest to begin with that I had seen. So his was a whole $1.50!
It was one of 4 left when we got there, and it doesn't stand upright. But that is ok.

My youngest is 2, so I don't think he remembers much from last year. So here is his pic by pic.

Gotta love discovering pumpkin guts for the first time!

All three of my kiddos ended up with pumpkins that totally fit them this year. My youngest is NUTS about STICKS!!! The antlers were his idea.

Meet his creation "Buck-kin"
He stuck the sticks in and proclaimed.. "Deer!"
Uncle Chet will LOVE it!

 Then of course my dog crazy daughter this year went with her idea.

Meet her creation "Pup-kin"!

Then my son insisted on Batman this year.
His totally cool idea to add the black paint!
My children are genius!

I was really impressed that their pumpkins are totally representative of themselves this year.

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