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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pant Chip Spooky Garland

I saw some cute paint chip Frankenstein and Candy Corn Characters on Pinterest. I even grabbed some paint chips to make them.

But I ran out of time to make the ones like I saw on Pinterest. Only two days away from Halloween now and the paint chips were still sitting in the car. I noticed them right as we were walking into a sit down restaurant for lunch today. I knew the restaurant didn't have a fun activity type children's menu so I took them in with me thinking we could possibly use them to keep us busy.

My husband has a pocket knife that has a little scissors on it so I went to work cutting up the paint swatches right away when we got to our table. I also had a couple crayons and a pen in my purse.
The kids passed the time waiting, by coloring faces on the paint swatch shapes I cut out.

Then when we got home we taped them onto a string and hung them up.

Fancy??  Nope.
 Free? Yep.
Adorable because the kiddos did them? You bet.
And a great way for them to keep busy in the restaurant!


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