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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bubble Mountains


Had some neighborhood girls come over last night and we decided to try this fun bubble trick out. I remember doing something similar once when I was very young so I guess it was stored way back in my brain someplace. The kids gave it two thumbs up!

What you need:
Empty Pie Tin, or Frisbee works great too!
Drinking Straws
Bubble Solution (We have a JUMBO bottle Grandma gave us!)

Pour your bubble solution into the pie tin so that it is around 3/4 of a cm thick.
Give each child a straw and have them practice blowing thought the straw only, not sucking.

Then have the kids put the end of their straw into the bubble solution and blow slowly. The slower you blow the bigger the bubbles. If you blow a bit faster, it will make many small bubbles that build on top of eachother.


WARNING! If you blow too fast it will just spray bubble solution all over the place. If you suck instead of blow through the straw, well... :) EWWW!

We had four children blowing at once! Ages 3, 5, 6, and 8.
You can also take turns.
See who can make the largest bubble.


See who can make the tallest bubble mountian.

One cool trick you can do is stick you hand in the bubble solution so that it is wet, then you can even pick up parts of the bubble mountains you make. WAY COOL!

If it is windy outside parts of the top of the bubble mountian may blow away and start floating. Or the wind may just pop your mountian too. A nice calm day works best for this.


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