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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Old Belt? New Headband!


Date night! I am SO a pony tail kind of girl, I admit it. I needed a way to dress up my pony tail. Honestly I have a husband who loves me no matter what, but even this girl, who has no love for makeup, still has fun accessorising on special occasions. This is why I got really excited when I was changing tonight from my snot covered mommy t-shirt into something well... clean..., and in the depths of my closet found this.


This old belt. I can't even remember where it came from. I can assure you I did not purchase this belt for the purpose of having it as a belt. I know I never used it as one. I think it was attached to a long sweater or something I thought was cute sometime around 2006 or so, but I discarded the belt part right away. Anyway this unused discarded belt caught my eye 30 minutes before my husband was scheduled to arrive home from work... after which, we were to depart on our date.

My husband and I aim to get out about once a month for a dinner alone. This doesn't always happen with a crew of three kiddos that are five years and under at home, so it is exciting when it does work out.

I am thinking.. "This is so last minute."... and honestly I still had to make dinner for the kids and Grandma who was babysitting, but... TOTALLY had to go for it!


So I measured the belt to the correct length and sewed two seams. I cut between the two and put it on.


What an cute new accessory for a fun funky summer night on the town. (Or just an enjoyable early dinner for two out on the deck at Granite City and a stroll thought World Market.) Yep, takes a lot to entertain us.


This took less than five minutes. I will need to find a brown sharpie to cover my white bobbin thread, since I didn't have time to change my bobbin thread to brown, yet an easy fix.


I have extra left too! So maybe a bracelet or anklet may be in my future as well. You never know!

I do think it looks much better as a headband than it did as a belt!

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