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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Gift for Sunny Radio!

Yippee! Knowing someone who runs an 1980's radio station Sunny Radio - Where it's ALWAYS in the 80's has really paid off for this 80's chick who doesn't enjoy throwing things away but would rather find new a new life or a new home for them.

What made this project so great was, it was both. I "upcycled" taking something old or not usable and making it into something new, and I found a new home for something that would otherwise had to go to the landfill...

I am sure you are wondering at this point what it was... It was this.


An etch a sketch..
But not just any Etch a Sketch. "MY" Etch a Sketch from the 1980's, or was it my brother's? Oh well I have it. I know they were not invented in the 1980's but they were still popular! Well at my house anyway.
Why did I need to get rid of it? Well it began to leak aluminum powder out one of the knob holes. Non-toxic but messy and I really don't want my children playing with aluminum powder from circa 1980 anyway.

I used to spend hours drawing square spirals on this thing. I would stare at the design until it had the optical illusion of a tunnel, or like I was looking down on a 3D pyramid. Did you ever draw this?


My husband asked if I wanted him to throw it away last night and I sadly said "Yeah" But then I said "WAIT!!!!"

I remember that Etch a Sketch artists sometimes open their toys and dump out the powder to save the artwork. So I gave it a shot.
I could only get up one corner before the plastic started to crack so that was all I had to work with. Not as simple as I had seen on TV.


Then I took Sunny Radio's Logo


And using a photo editing program turned it into a Sketch


Then I printed it out, and carefully slid it under the plastic screen cover. (not an easy project by any means, it took some finagling to get it in the center.


Then I glued it back shut and used a clamp to hold it while the glue dried.


Surprise! Hope you like it as much as the "We Are The World" poster with Michael Jackson and Cindy Lauper, that I downloaded on you last week.

Check out Sunny Radio - Where it's ALWAYS in the 80's


  1. I absolutely LOVE it!!! How cool!!!

    You really rock!!


    Sunny Radio

  2. Wow!!! That's amazing!! I love it. :-)