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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Toddler Shoe Storage

Ok not one of my most exciting posts, but sometimes you just have to share.
At our house we eat lots of microwave popcorn. It is a good source of fiber for my kiddos one of whom needs some extra fiber from time to time. Anyway...

Our microwave popcorn we buy in bulk when we see a good deal. The container ours has been coming in has several boxes that look like this.


At the same time our shoe rack by the back door was becoming a bit crowded with three kids 5 and under. I needed a way to better store their shoes to conserve space. Either that or I would need to down size my shoe collection.

Then I remembered these boxes, and came up with the perfect solution. They allow me to store three pairs of Toddler shoes where only one pair would fit, because I can store them vertical.


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